The Old Milking Parlour at Cavokay House

Your wedding... Your vision... Your style...

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Licensed by Somerset County Council for civil wedding ceremonies (click for info)

Short Overview


The Old Milking Parlour is a 'Do It Yourself' venue. This means that you hire the venue and it's your choice of how you supply crockery, glasses, food, drink, band, disco etc. If you should need any help with this, we will be pleased to advise.


You are responsible for keeping your guests and the venue in good order.


You are responsible for the supervision of children that you and your guests bring onto the site.


You are responsible for tidying and cleaning all parts of the venue that you and your guests have used during your event.


You are responsible for the removal from the site of all rubbish created by your event.


For your event, you may decorate the venue as you wish. But there are certain rules about hanging decorations. These rules may be summarised as: no sticky tape, no staples.  However, it's fine to use Blu-Tack (for walls and painted wood) and drawing pins (for unpainted wood - there's lots of unpainted wood).


To look after your guests, you may wish to use a professional bar or a commercial caterer. Or you might prefer to handle these matters yourself. It's entirely up to you.


You only pay the agreed fee plus a returnable dilapidations deposit. There is no corkage or any other charge




Immediately prior to hiring the venue, you and the owners will conduct a survey of the venue and agree, in writing, any existing damages. Immediately after the tenure of your hire, you and the owners will once again conduct a damages survey. If there are any damages or there is any extra cleaning needed, these costs will be forfeited from your deposit. If the venue is returned just as it was when you hired it, you get your deposit back.


Hire term


To give an example of a wedding, the hire fee will cover a three day period thus:


Periods prior to main setting up days for liaison with florists, photographers and other suppliers - by arrangement


Day 1: Setting up and decoration - 9am - 8pm

Day 2: The wedding day - 8am - 12.30am (on Day 3)

Day 3: Clearing up, cleaning, removal of chattels, rubbish and clearance of the site - 9am - 6pm


Music and dancing


Music and dancing must end by 11.30pm. After this time, quiet music may be played for an hour.


The Old Milking Parlour's sound system may be utilised for, say, an iPod disco. But the sound system itself must only be operated by a qualified member of the venue's staff.


Other Stuff


Owing to the close proximity of Henstridge Airfield, we regret that drone flights are not permitted.


Sorry, no fireworks or Chinese lanterns. No glass on the grass or anywhere outside the function room - please make sure that any drink containers used outside are non-breakable. No naked flames. Children must be supervised at all times. No animals (except for registered guide dogs) to be brought onto site.


And finally...


The above is just a short overview to give you an idea of what it's like to hire The Old Milking Parlour for your big event.  Don't worry too much - we will always try to be flexible and to accommodate your needs and requirements.


Should you decide to hire the venue, a more in-depth discussion will take place.


Lastly, please be assured that we're nice people, that we want your event to be quite superb and that it is in our nature to be friendly, helpful and reasonable.

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